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136 oz (1 Gallon), Restaurant Size

Hunan Style Red Chili Sauce is consumed in China in prodigious quantities, and it is not by chance. Heavenly Chef Hunan Red Chili Sauce is a rich blend of chilis and spices, fiery red in color, and sensual in flavor.

Heavenly Chef Red Chili Sauce is uses as a table condiment, applied to meats, vegetables, or mixed with soy sauce as a dip.

Heavenly Chef Red Chili Sauce can also be added to the wok during stir fry (generally at the end of the stir-fry), to add heat to sautéed vegetables, chicken, prawns, pork or beef.

The flavors of Heavenly Chef Hunan Red Chili Sauce comes from Hunan Province in central China. Known for their spicy cooking, Hunan cuisine appeals not just to native Han, Dong and Uyghur, but also to American chili-heads, where Heavenly Chef Hunan Chili Sauce is uses as a standard for flavor and heat.

Your clients will love the authentic flavors of our Heavenly Chef Red Chili Sauce.

Ingredients: Red jalapeño peppers, chili, garlic, vegetable oil (contains one or more of the following: canola, corn, cottonseed, and/or soybean oil), sugar, vinegar, modified food starch, 1/10 of 1% sodium benzoate. Produced in a facility that handles peanut, tree nut, seed based and soybean oils.

Pack: 136 oz (1 Gallon), 4 per case. Also available in retail 12/8 oz.

Made in USA

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Heavenly Chef Hunan Red Chili Sauce - Gallon




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