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Lazy Kettle Brand All Natural Hickory Liquid Smoke is concentrated smoke in a bottle. Real smoke, from a real fire.

This concentrated liquid smoke is unique. Rich hickory flavor adds a wonderful, smokey flavor to all your favorite foods.

When would you use liquid smoke? If you are cooking indoors, but want the flavor of the open grill, just add a few drops of smoke on your meat. A drop in the bean dip will add a wonderful flavor. We use it in ketchup for our burgers. Guys that like making beef or venison jerky use our smoke in the seasoning. When you make your marinade, use smoke for that out of doors flavor. Add some to your store-bought BBQ sauce, marinade, or dressing.

Spray some on sushi. Use it to smoke almonds, trout or smoked salmon. We use it at home in soups and when making dishes in our crock-pot.

Liquid smoke is real smoke, not some concoction meant to taste like smoke. Lazy Kettle All Natural Liquid Smoke has only one ingredient: All Natural Liquid Smoke.

Lazy Kettle Liquid Smoke uses a delicate balance of hickory with some other woods for to achieve this fine gourmet flavor and aroma. Wonderful stuff!

Ingredients: Natural Liquid Smoke. No artificial flavors, colors our preservatives.

Nutritional Information: Serving size 1 teaspoon, Servings 24, Calories 0, Total Fat 0, Sodium 0mg, Carbohydrates 0, Protein 0.

UPC: 0 87586 20123 6
Pack: 12/5 oz.

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