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Click to enlargeTophé 100% Pure Rice Bran Oil
12/375 ml

Tophé All Natural Garlic Rice Bran Oil -- the finest Grilling Oil available. Made from 100% pure Rice Bran Oil, Tophé Garlic Grilling Oil has a smoke poing of 450 - 490 degrees F, higher even than grapeseed oil. Tophé Garlic Grilling Oil is ideally suited for high heat cooking. Foods won't stick to the grill, and the oil won't smoke, allowing for the natural flavors of the food to come through.

Use Tophé Rice Bran Oil to grill, barbecue, stir-fry, sear, or broil. Tophé is perfect for deep frying and making Japanese tempura. Tophé is wonderful in salad dressings, or whenever a clean, healthy oil is required.

Pack: 12/375 ml (12.7 oz.) bottles.

Tophé 100% Pure Rice Bran Oil
Item 76701

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