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100% Pure
Rice Bran Oil
35 lbs

Tophé 100% Pure All Natural Rice Bran Oil -- the finest oil available.

CALL us for a quote! Discounts at 6 boxes, 20 boxes, 60 boxes, FCL's and FTL's.

Tophé Rice Oil is Project Non-GMO Verified and Kosher OU.

Project Non-GMO Certified     Kosher OU Certified

Wholesale Ordering

We sell Tophé in 35 lb. bulk container. This size is ideal for restaurants or big kitchens, or if you just like to fry chicken, shrimp, turkey, and french fries in a healthy, non-greasy and delicious way. Great if you need to make a lot of salad dressing. Tophé Rice Bran Oil is the secret to ideal Japanese tempura.

Tophé 100% Rice Bran Oil in 35 lb. containers makes economical sense if you use lots of oil.

Call for quotes of 1, 6, 10, 20, 40, 60 boxes or more.

We service restaurants and food-service distributors all over the country, and will be happy to get you an instant quote.

35 lb. bulk container. Also available in 1/2 gallons, drums, totes and in bulk for export.

Tophé available in Canada too!
Available in Canada

Call Ontario Limited, Attn: Jim, 519-718-4869.
You can also email Ontario Limited at terdik@xplornet.ca.

Tophé available in Europe too!
Available in Western Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy and Austria and Eastern Europe, including Latvia, the Czech Republic, and Croatia. (Wait, is Croatin Eastern Europe or Western Europe?)

For any of these countries, please call Bodynova GmbH, Attn: Sales, +49 (0)221 35 66 35 0.
You can also email Bodynova Gmbh at service@bodynova.de.
Bodynova GMBH, Scheidtweilerstr. 19, 50933 Cologne Germany

Tophé Bulk, 100% Pure All Natural Rice Oil
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